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Laser treatment for PILES/ HEMORRHOIDS- How does it work? Is it safe? Is it effective? All you need to know about LASER PILES SURGERY

Lasers are a form of energy source. LASER is a short form/acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. LASER energy is produced by different mechanisms. We use Diode LASER for the treatment of a select set of Piles/haemorrhoids. 

Introduction of LASER in the surgical field has revolutionised the treatment of piles/ haemorrhoids. In LASER piles treatment, laser beam is used to coagulate the dilated blood vessels in the anal region with very minimal injury to surrounding structures.

There are 2 most commonly used wavelengths of diode laser for LASER Proctology, i.e. 980nm and 1470nm. Red blood cells absorb laser energy at these particular wavelengths which is the main principle behind laser piles surgery. 

The LASER treatment can be done under local or spinal anaesthesia. It can be done as a daycare procedure. In many countries it has been done even as an outpatient procedure. However we generally admit the patient and do it as an inpatient procedure inorder to alleviate post procedure anxiety.

LASER treatment for piles/haemorrhoids is very effective if done for proper indications and done by an experienced surgeon (Laser Proctologist). The results are long lasting with minimal complication rates, minimal postprocedure pain and bleeding.

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